In this section you can download the Manual of Do's and Don’ts for Young Entrepreneurs Handbook in the consortium’s languages and in FULL or SHORT version. You can also access to the other resources section that contain useful materials like links and documents. The manual "Do's and Don'ts: Manual For Young Entrepreneurs" is a guide that provides valuable information and advice for young and active individuals who aspire to be entrepreneurs and make a positive impact in their communities.
The manual aims to inspire and empower young people by equipping them with the knowledge and tools necessary to develop and implement innovative and sustainable projects. The manual covers various topics relevant to young entrepreneurs, including project management and leadership, communication strategies, the New European Bauhaus Project, funding sources, cooperation with local authorities, and promotion of activities. It offers practical tips, insights, and examples of successful projects led by young individuals.
The manual provides a comprehensive overview of essential aspects of entrepreneurship, guiding readers through the process of transforming ideas into tangible projects. It offers valuable information on project planning, budgeting, stakeholder management, and effective communication. By reading and applying the knowledge shared in the manual, young entrepreneurs can enhance their understanding of entrepreneurship and increase their chances of success in their endeavors.
The NEBULA project created a training programme formed by the "NEBULA Skills for Young Entrepreneurs" and a methodology "NEBULA Methodology for Youth Workers" to empower young people and youth workers in the field of entrepreneurship and regeneration projects.
The "NEBULA Skills for Young Entrepreneurs" program is designed for young individuals who want to transform their ideas into successful ventures. It is inspired by the principles of enrichment and sustainability and incorporates best practices and successful business models. The program consists of three modules: Finance, Management, and Communication. Each module will include learning nuggets, which are short and concise educational content pieces that deliver specific information or skills. These activities include videos, articles, quizzes, or interactive modules. The courses will follow an approach inspired by the "pillars" of Enrichment and Sustainability, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the topics covered.
The "NEBULA Methodology" aims to provide a replicable and sustainable training approach for youth workers from local NGOs. These organizations include those involved in youth, social, cultural, environmental, and urban/rural associations. The methodology seeks to equip youth workers with the necessary tools and skills to guide young people in their territories through the initial steps of ideation and launching regeneration projects. The e-course for each module of the methodology will consist of approximately 15 pages and cover topics such as inspiration, skills development, and practical application. Additiony, a learning nugget will be provided as an example of an activity that can be implemented with young people, along with a link for further information.
These initiatives under the NEBULA project aim to foster entrepreneurship, sustainability, and regeneration by providing young individuals and youth workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to succeed in their endeavors.